Ventura Rocketeers NAR Section # 855

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The Star Trek Future begins here!

This site is under construction and being converted to our local Ventura Rocketeers website. The kits will continue to be sold but the main drive us this site it to promote STEM, TARC, and youth and community education and activities for model rockets.

Mary and I welcome you to our website and our section 855 of the National Association of Rocketry.

Created by Michael Okuda

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I’d like to invite you all to our new section # 855 for Ventura area. We are currently in the process of opening a local launch site in Ventura. We are looking for a site somewhere between Ventura-Oxnard-Camarillo area. Ventura Rocketeers received the section certificate yesterday and we already have a meeting at the Rotary Club this week and plan after that to contact the City Parks department to get the ball rolling.

This of course will be for LPR maybe up to G motors depending on the site. It’s our mission to get the local youth, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, schools involved with hopes of setting up a local TARC team and more.

It is a hardship for many to drive to Santa Fe and or ROC Lucerne. Having a local site would benefit the local rocket community providing sport flying for the local NAR members as well as engaging the local youth in programs and launches to further their ambitions of aerospace.

Our headquarters is at our studio in Ventura. Please email us if you’d like to visit us and tour the studio. Mask wearing and distancing is required.

You can follow our activities and see the studio by following this link:

SNG Studio

Current member roster

1. Steve Neill NAR # 108000

2. Joseph Creager NAR #106785

3. Carl Rheuban NAR # 107669

4. John Cosic NAR # 88050. 5. Alina Hoffman

6. Mary Cacciapaglia

7. Dr. Chris Landon

8. Ryan Reynolds

9. David Marx

10. Evan Zalesak NAR # 292996

11.Bob Wieting NAR 87452.

12. Alan Brown

13. Eva Barati Darmian

14. Vern Morsman – Ventura Hobbies

15. Tanya Pruitt

16. Arshan Barati NAR 111213     JR

If you’d like to join our section please say so here and we’ll add you.