Rocket kits update 3-20-2023

Lots going on at the studio with rockets. The Redstone is selling and so is the V-2. Thank you all that have purchased kits!

I was low on parts. Body tubes, centering rings, engine tube and more but they are all coming in bit by bit. I got a big order this weekend and I’ll have more today. 

Meanwhile I’ll be casting nose cones and boat tails all this week and putting your kits together. I’ll post my progress in the “Latest News” section of this site but if you subscribe by clicking on the follow button you will get an email with the updates.

I still need to make some instructions but the builds for any seasoned rocket builder are very routine and simple.

Here’s the latest studio update video that shows a lot of what I did to build the Redstone.

I’ll post some more about the V-2.

This one is on the Redstone

V-2 and redstone


I will start casting models off of the Estes Mercury Atlas. My plan is to release a kit of the Atlas in the next few weeks. Essentially this will be a clone with resin and vacuum formed parts.

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