Falcon 9 – Dragon Progress 6-9-2020

The Falcon 9 is really shaping up. I almost have enough brass from Eliot Brown for 16 kits that go out to you guys. Lathed the boat tail and will be making the dummy engines today. The actual rocket motor will fit in the center of the ring of 8 dummies. Beyond that I have a bunch of other small parts to make resin molds for the booster.

I have started a mock up to check fit of the landing legs, boat tail, and capsule before I mold anything.

Please help us find a launch site

I caught this story using my iPhone because it’s rare mainstream media ever show such an important story. I’m sure you all enjoyed the Dragon launch and the huge success.

Remember that most of the men and woman that made this all possible started with an interest in model aviation. If we want to see this continue into the future then we need to keep our youth involved and allow them to pursue the passion they have to reach the stars.

NAR Section 855 Ventura Rocketeers update

We are still pushing hard for our launch site. It hasn’t been easy. Our section just recently purchased a launch system bundle from Tomas Kindig of IMPLS Launch Systems . We are very excited about this and will be testing this wonderful product soon.

If you live in Ventura County and you know of some open land, football field, Soccer field, or any other open space we can use please contact us. The future is depending on youth having hands on rocketry experience to pursue their dreams of working in aerospace.

X-15 Delta Grande

We have been asked to make a X-15 delta out of our X-15 Grande kit. It won’t take much to mod the kit but the more I thought about it I realized we should offer it as a kit and we will.

I’m making the customer a kit right now and plan to build one for our line. Stayed tuned!

Update 5-17-2020

The studio has been busy filling orders for our many products lately. We have also been completing customer builds and contracting new ones from model kits to RC submarine builds.

It is my plan to get back to the Falcon 9 project I started a while back. There are kits out there already but once I start something I like to finish it before I start any new kits.

We are still accepting kit orders and appreciate your purchases. We have lots of supplies in stock to make up any kit in our line.

We are also working with the City of Ventura to get our launch site. It is looking very hopeful and as soon as we get the site we will start having launches. Finally we will get to launch our own kits.

Thanks for your support!