Thank you my wonderful friends at Smith Brothers for posting this.

It is with heavy hearts, we announce the passing of our friend and colleague, Tony Naccarato. Tony passed Saturday morning after a long battle with cancer. It is hard to put things into perspective, as Tony was one of the “good guys,” where things like this should not happen. But it was part of the big plan and it is easy to point out all the good he did with his life. Tony was a standout guy, who put others first. He dedicated his life to serving others- his family, his country, his friends, and his passion for hobbies. We lost count how many times Tony took a youth aside to teach him or her the lessons of flight and r/c aircraft. Those youth are now responsible adults, who are taking up careers in aerospace, engineering, and successful walks of life. It all started with a gentle, helping hand, a hand touching another on a remote control. Tony’s passion for all-things-air and helping others will leave a huge mark on our society. There are few out there like him and he will be sorely missed. Smith Brothers would like to wish his son Ryan and his family members our deepest condolences during this difficult time. We loved Tony with all our hearts and we will let his legacy live on at our store. He taught us so much with his generosity, patience, and compassion. Rest in peace Tony. We love you.

I wrote this this morning. It was hard to find the right words but they are from heart:

I will miss my friend so much. We had so much fun Building and flying together
“He was the best pilot I ever saw”.
Tony, everytime I fly you’ll be there, with all of us that loved you and flew with

It’s been awhile

But it’s been busy at my studio starting up again the model rocket kits. I did just get a Volare Products Corsair FF to build. But I can’t start it until I finish the DVII.

I learned to print on tissue and it works so well I started cover the DVII.

Printed tissue attached to a carrier sheet of normal printing paper really works. Using the Durabrite water proof ink meant I could cover and pre-shrink with a mist of water without any fear of the ink running. Everything tightened up as usual.

Lots of work down on the X-15 rocket plane. We are already taking preorders.

I’m waiting on the decals to finish.

Next week I plan to fly the BF-109 at the Grassy Knoll. Oh and the Boomer.

X-15 on the way plus more kits on the way too

The straight X-15 beta build is coming along well. I’m finally into and actual build. The wing fairings or tunnels will have a more scale like appearance. I have yet to add the 1/32 balsa skins to them and will be working on that today.

Another batch of X-15 Deltas is on the way to the post this morning. We are finally up to speed it’s been a long hard role since we started. So much to get organised and moving in a good work flow.

SNG Aero kit progress and the new X-15

All the first wave of kit orders are packed and ready to ship tomorrow. The hold was the added engine bell and resin wing tips The balsa versions break easy and these have the bevel too.

Also go to build up the prototype build of the new BT60 size X-15 for 24mm motors. The wing filets will be a bit more scale then other model rocket companies versions. Vertical tails adr wedges as the original instead of profiles.

I don’t know about you but the more the model resembles the actual plane the more I like it.

More tomorrow on the X-15.

Kit Progress 11-1-19

First batch of kits go in boxes today to be shipped early next week. All the wood parts were hand cut by a human exacto cutter. 😉 This time around you don’t have to cut your own parts.

The V-2s fins just plug into the slots. Instant V-2 all you do is do the fun part. Detailing and painting.

Thanks to everyone that ordered.