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We are pushing through this PayPal mess but it’s taking time. I am posting daily on Buy Me a Coffee stories, life at the studio, projects, videos, and more. If you’d like to see Mary and I continue on with our little studio please take a look. And if you like the content we provide for free and want to keep it alive Buy Me a Coffee. You can be a one time supporter or subscribe.

Follow the link and read and see the latest masks I made this week and learn more about what’s coming up at SNG Studio.

Pushing Through 4-6-2023

Yesterday the big push was on to finish the masks and finish they are. So much of my time and Mary’s has been railroaded by the PayPal fraud. They are fraud in our opinion and they cost us more than the money. 

It’s a domino effect. Currently we don’t have an easy way for people to purchase our products. Mary and I have been working long mornings and evenings to straighten this mess out. We are starting a new way to buy our stuff but it takes a lot of work and research. Meanwhile we aren’t bringing in orders or commissions.

This all started last Thursday and still PayPal is silent.

Luckily I have 3 model building commissions that all happened before this and now that I’m caught up with my orders and can work on them.

We will have our Laser cutter next week and this opens up a whole new world of possibilities that weren’t possible before and I have my dear friends and supporters to thank.