It’s flies! Resin cast V-2 with scale fins a success!

Flew the V-2 for the first time today on a D-12-5. She lumbered off the pad and got tp about 250, started the very scale like return to Earth and the chute opened and landed safely. Scale fins are stable and I added no nose weight.

Here’s some not so good cell phone video. I believe a better one today was made today by our new member Nathan and I’ll post that later.

And this video show the aftermath.

I couldn’t be more pleased. Next time I’ll use a E for more power. First flights I always use low power to see it flight capability.

BTW I didn’t use 1/2 oz. cloth on the fins for this build. Just CA without kicker and they held very well with no cracks or breaks.

V-2’s are selling 7-20-2021

Thanks for the orders for our new V-2 Resin cast kits.

Made another kit up yesterday that ships today. Every one is hand cast in resin and evenly hollow.

I also want to thank Space Monkey Models for their kind gift of there instructions and awesome decals.

I plan to build another V-2 for my V-2 using them and you can get yours from: They even include a template to for a scale fin to replace the oversized Estes fins that come with their kit.

Here’s some pictures of the latest V-@ kit and Space Monkey’s decals and instructions.

first V-2 Kits shipped

On the very first kit I worked all the parts to fit correctly so I would have instructions. I also included some plastic chutes because I had them on hand. All the centering rings are sanded to fit.

BTW instructions are posted on this site.

Here’s some pictures.

Next Launch July 31st

Please check your email. All of the members are on a “send to all list”. If you aren’t seeing it then check your spam or other boxes besides your inbox. Many of you have said you didn’t get the notices but on our end it shows you have. Sometime you just have so much mail in your inbox you can’t find it.

Thank you for taking a look. We will always alert you to our activities far in advance.

Last launch was canceled because of the fireworks hysteria around the upcoming 4th of July and the fires.

We need to find a permanent sight for our group. We need a private land owner to sign off and give us permission so our 5 million dollar liability insurance can be used.

Please make an effort to find land we might be able to use and these cancelations won’t have to occur. At the moment we could be shut down anytime and Mary and I alone can’t do all this alone. Please help.

V-2 update

I put the fins on, primer, motor tube and mount. It must of took me all of an hour. The fins are the weakest link in the chain here. Glued on with CA and a bit of putty to blend they are surprisingly strong. However the next one (and there will be a few) I plan to do epoxy filets which would be even stronger.


I want to get one in the air by our now section launch on the 26th. Where we fly there’s a bit of grass and soft weeds, in the desert where we fly it’s not so forgiving. Test flights will tell me what works best but for now she’s’ good to go once I get her all painted and finished.

This can also be built as a static model. It’s pretty scale in shape and dimensions. And the tail cone reveals the scale bell. I plan to build one for static and really detail it out.


I compared our V-2 to the former Estes kit of the same size. They both weight about the same. But the differences are apparent. The fins of the Estes are much larger. Ours is closer to scale. At the scale size with our smaller V-2 I didn’t notice any instability in 3 flights. It tracks well with no problems found. I can only imagine Estes made the fins so large on theirs to increase stability.


It’s a tiny bit longer too. Overall I’m very happy with the rocket and can’t wait to paint it and give it a flight.


She’s not real big. A great size though up to F motors and G for the bold. I may do a larger one yet but for now this will do well for local low power club launches and scale enthusiast.

V-2 Kit update 6-2-2021

The molds are made and yesterday I pulled out a complete set of parts. Every thing came out well but they pulled out some of the primer sanding dust on the first pull as is typical. No matter the primer I’m going to paint them with today will cover that. I’m going to assemble a complete V-2 today. I’ll at least get primer on it.

I hesitate to put a 29mm motor mount in it as there’s plenty of room. But this model at 7oz without motor will going completely out of sight with a G in it. So On this one I’m going to mount it up with a 24 mm motor mount for C-11 through F motors. Rocksim shows about 300ft with a C-11. 700ft with a D and I haven’t run a sim yet on E and F.

Either way this will be fine for our local lower power launches with my section.

All the parts were cast with TC-808 resin. They are very durable and hallow. Easy to sand, scribe and paint. Also no seams to sand off.

Kits soon!


NAR# 108000

ROC# 51816763

Ventura Rocketeers section 855

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