Update 5-17-2020

The studio has been busy filling orders for our many products lately. We have also been completing customer builds and contracting new ones from model kits to RC submarine builds.

It is my plan to get back to the Falcon 9 project I started a while back. There are kits out there already but once I start something I like to finish it before I start any new kits.

We are still accepting kit orders and appreciate your purchases. We have lots of supplies in stock to make up any kit in our line.

We are also working with the City of Ventura to get our launch site. It is looking very hopeful and as soon as we get the site we will start having launches. Finally we will get to launch our own kits.

Thanks for your support!


I know. Where are the Rockets? What happened to that? Well I’ll tell you. The Virus happened and everything is on hold.

We can’t launch. We can’t continue to work on getting our site to launch.

I have built enough rockets to hold me for a long while although I’m going back to the Falcon 9 to finish soon.

Our kits you can still order.


We will get back to this when this virus comes to and end with your help of taking this all very seriously and staying home and keeping your distance. A lot of you are not and the more you do it the more you hurt or even kill others and prevent us from enjoying our hobbies. Stay home if you don’t need to be out!

Still waiting to get my Level 1!

Latest from SNG Aero 3-1-2020

We have been filling kit orders and we have caught up from the lag we had last year. In addition I am back working on the Falcon 9 with the Dragon capsule for a limited run.

Next up will be a BT-80 Dynasoar with a vacuum formed light weight Dynasoar glide that will free flight back to Earth.

Thank you all for your support and kit orders. Please share with us you builds and videos and we’ll post then here!

Sorry for the lack of posting

We have been so busy with social media to help keep our doors open it’s been hard to post here.

We are back to finishing the Robot, just got back the space station. Building rockets and running our SNG Aerospace business. Also getting our NAR location lunch group together which is section #855 of the National Association of Rocketry.

Web sites include lately,




and lastly my patreon site:


If you really have the time this will bring you up to speed about where we have been.

Also we are back with the Shows:

Pressing on…no time to waste

So far the NAR as of late not addressed this issue with much enthusiasm although Chuck Neff did. Carol the VP of the NAR only said thanks and forwarded to the President about a week ago now. I don’t think either one read the script I haven’t had any communication from them yet.

I know this hobby isn’t the only thing in their busy lives. I understand that and it’s fine. But for me it kind of is the only thing in my busy life and I sure have one. The importance of this hobby to me is vast and wide. You have heard it before from me but getting young kids inspired with a passion to reach the stars is the only thing that will save this planet and our civilization from almost certain death if we don’t spread our wings and leave the nest of Earth. These kids are our future. Who knows what one of them will be the scientist who designs a warp capable engine making us a space faring race able to colonise other worlds. 

The advances that will be achieved from space exploration will benefit everyone on this planet. It will create millions of jobs and opportunities like never before. It will break through new technologies that will extend the our life spans, feed billions, end over population and more. It will also bring us all the wonder of exploration as we discover our universe and our place in it. Most of all it will bring us hope. Have you heard even one politician running for office speak of these things?

So the new and better world starts here. A child sees their first rocket fly because we helped them do it. What can happen after that first flight will be amazing. That’s the contribution we can all make. To make a difference. To pay it forward.

I plan to continue on with this project and unless I otherwise hear back from the NAR(I would legally need their permission) the credit at the end will represent our efforts as the Ventura Rocketeers to accomplish everything I just spoke of. There is know time to waste for me and I don’t think there is much for any one else in light have our current condition on Earth.

I am looking for actors to play the two child and and the parents. The two grown up kids. We might have to build our own set for the command module at my studio and two space suits. It’s what we do but it will cost some money. Unfortunately the people that have such things on hand want to be paid for there use despite our cause and non-profit position. So there’s a lot to do to make this happen and it will happen but I’ll need all the help I can get.

Thanks for your time and your interest in this project to change the world. 😉