We have a new mission patch

Thanks to Michael Okuda we have a new mission patch1! Mike worked as a graphic designer on Star Trek TV series and the Star Trek movies. He also designed mission patches for NASA missions and more. To learn more about this incredibly accomplished and talented man open this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Okuda

I’ve known Mike since I first worked on the pilot for Star Trek the Next Generation. Mike has also been an NAR member. I asked him if he could make us a patch for our Section 855. We are honored to have our mission patch designed by him! Click on the image below to enlarge and read.

Be sure and read the first image that explains the symbolism behind the graphic Mike took such care in making for us. Mike is also a poet as it turns out. Mike is a true Rocketeer and futurist that believes very much in our important efforts to explore space. This is one of the most important efforts we can make as human beings!

We will be having these embroidered and every member of our local Section 855 will receive one to wear with pride on your flight coat!

Thank you Mike!

I did it!

Thank you ROC for all the help in getting my Level one certification today!

The Zephyr did it! Great flight.

Ready to Launch this weekend

Busy week getting all these rockets built and ready to launch. The V-2 which had some damage last launch from a chute failure is all repaired. It took some repainting and color matching but it worked out well I think.

Laser Hawk got all it’s decals. Every model has had it’s CG and CP checked, chutes are all nylon and a bit larger to accommodate the the higher altitude at the dry lake bed.

I am bringing a few more to fly, almost all of them are maiden flights. The Little Joe 2, Black Brant2 and are all first flights which always makes it a bit more exciting.

The Zephyr is my main choice for my Level one certification attempt on Saturday. I was able to get some motors for it at the last moment so wish me luck.

I will be covering much of the launch to be seen here on hi-end 4 k video.

Getting ready to launch continues

My Jolly Logic chute release showed up in time. Thanks UPS. It paid to pay more to ship with them. Rocket motors I ordered two weeks ago won’t be here until after I leave for the launch. They had to be sent US mail. I had no choice. Lucky for me there will be plenty on site.

Also a Jolly Logic Altimeter 2 and three different sizes of mini cameras.

I’ve also been getting our X-15 Grande ready. Finally at long last we get to fly our own model. We have sold many but to this date I haven’t seen a single flight report. We learned from the smaller model we also sell that it needs lots of nose weight to be stable. She will fly on a G motor so she’ll have plenty of power.

ROC Launches resume

This Saturday’s launch is for members only so Mary and I are going. But the following month on May 8th is ROC’s monthly public launch. 


It’s a bit of a drive but worth it for the launch site which is a wide open flat dry lake bed. The ROC is a good group and well worth joining for the benefits.
This is one of the only sites in southern California where you can legally launch mid to high powered rockets. All sizes are welcome. Here’s the launch schedule page:https://rocstock.org/launches/

Rocstock is their large event for 3 days on June 11th-13th. This event puts on quite a show and should really inspire your kids and you.  https://rocstock.org/rocstock/
So mark your calendars. Camping is permitted on site. I encourage you all to join the NAR. https://www.nar.org/
See you all soon,Steve and Mary

April 10th Launch

I have been getting ready all week. The Laser Hawk is getting the decals and she’s done.

Madcow Black Brant 2 was and awesome build. What a great kit. I’ll be getting their big one next. With the heavy walled BT and the pre-slots so prefect in fit this model melted together. Their kits are just a excellent value and quality is top notch.

Since my time was short to finish the paint job I cheated and used vinyl and cut it with a straight edge rather than take the time to set up the die-cutter we have. Since it was just rectangles I based them on a to scale print out of a rap I found on the net. I just enlarged to fit my BT. I pealed off the backing and placed them on. The results were stunning and this was all done in a couple of hours. I used their water slide decal that came with the kit, I’m very happy with this little model.

Although only 31 inches in length it’s made for 29mm motors and the G-64 I have the sim shows nearly 600 mph and a flight well over 3000 ft. I may go with a lessor motor on the first flight.

First ROC Launch in over a year

It’s been over a year since my Zephyr was finished and ready for my Cert L1 flight. Then Covid happened. My Zephyr has been a dust collector ever since waiting for this day.

I am getting ready this week for a fun day in the desert with large high powered rockets at long last! April 10th is the day.

Rocket Fuel for people

Thomas and Gloria Kindig of IMPLS were kind to send us this incredible good tasting hot sauce with a rocket it on it. This is something every Rocketeers needs to start their day!

Dog treats are optional but recomended.

Wow! If the rocket you launch first thing doesn’t open up your eyes and get you going this will for sure! Thanks Thomas and Gloria! You guys Rocket! 😉

What rocketeer wouldn’t want this? Look at the label. I’m in heaven because I a big hot sauce addict!

Almost done 4-3-2021

This north Coast Rocketry Laser Hawk is nearly ready to fly. It just needs it’s 36 inch nylon chute, chute protector, motors from Aerotech, and last but not lease, decals. I’ll put those on this weekend. All the rest get here Monday and it’s ready for the ROC launch on April 10th for members only at Lucerne dry lake bed.

Can you tell I’m happy? This big girl has a payload bay too were the Altimeter and other goodies will go safe and sound from the ejection charge.

I can’t begin to tell you how good this get is and what a great value for the buck!

Next up? I have a Black Brant II inbound from Madcow Rocketry I ordered it yesterday and it will be here today. Didn’t know they were so close by in Laguna Hills CA. It’s small but designed for 29 mm motors. This should be a very high flyer on a G or even and H motor. Mini black Brant II