Mold making at SNG

We put a lot of time and effort into each kit. Everything is handmade. We don’t use printers or other computer assisted tools.

This boat tail master for our new upscaled Rocket Rider and V-23 was hand turned on a wood lathe and detailed.

The mold process is what we call a case mold and this sequence of photos will better explain the involved process then writing about it.

First up the master is mounted on an flat wood surface so it can’t move.

Plastic wrap is placed to protect the master from the water based clay that will be applied.

This water based clay is applied which represents the eventual mother mold cavity or displacement of the silicone jacket.

The clay is placed over the master. The white ring is capture for the tool stone that will make up the mother mold.

The tool stone is like hard plaster. It is mixed in water and applied over the clay. Once set up and hard we have our mother mold.

The white plastic capture is removed and four holes are drilled through the mother mold base and into the wood. Screws are added to hold it down.

The mother mold is removed and the clay removed. I then place the clay into a cup. This tells me exactly how much silicone to use when pouring the jacket.

Inside the mother mold with all the clay cleaned out.

Before putting the mother mold back in position I coat the surface of the master with 1065 silicone rubber. This helps break the surface tension so that when I pour the full volume I don’t trap as many bubbles on the surface of the silicone jacket.

The mother mold is then placed back in its original position and screwed down to the wood base so it can’t move.

Lastly the rest of the silicone is pour in through the top and left to cure overnight. The green clay is to prevent any leaks of this 150 dollar a gallon silicone.

Part two of this little tutorial will be posted tomorrow after I take this mold apart. I’ll also pour a first part today so you’ll better understand the full process. This is done for all resin parts.

We don’t have parts massed produced in China. These artisan kits and they take time and a bit more money and skill to produce.

New kits Progress

Our latest efforts are to upscale both the old V-23 and Rocket Rider kits I made back 10 years ago. Both for BT80-29mm although you could always go with a bigger motor.

Both will have BT80-H tubes, Resin boat tails, clear plastic canopies and resin cast nose cones. Engine mounts fit from the BT down into the resin boat tails. Pre-slotted BTs.Currently working on the Rocket Rider which was never released because it had just been finished when by late wife came done with stage 4 cancer and everything came to a halt.

Here’s some pictures of the progress and the original ships. Both will be 44 inches in length.The boat tail master was turned from balsa, red putty, sanded and primer with cart tape for detail. Making a silicone case mold today of the boat tail.

Rocket Rider for BT80-29mm

Our new 44 inch BT80 Rocket Rider. A rocket I designed 10 years ago. The smaller one is the original 10 year old rocket. Designed to launch a single person into space.

Wish I could build a full size one. 😉 This will be a kit for 29mm motors.

I roughed out the basic airframe today. Lathed the tail cone in balsa and will make a silicone mold to make resin parts.

Body Tube will be pre slotted and plywood laser cut fins. Resin nose cone and vacuform clear canopy.

X-15 Kits status update 1-11-2020

Kit status. All good news for you that have been so patient waiting for your kits.

Cris got the wood on Friday. He has now laser cut a bunch of parts to fill your orders and then some. We should have all the parts at SNG by Tuesday or Wednesday at the very latest.

We will be putting those parts in the boxes and shipping no later than Friday not unless an asteroid fits are studio the wait will be over! 

Porch Pirates

The latest. As it turns out the wood was delivered to my laser cutter on the 30th of Dec. It was taken by a thief. All packages to my laser cutter will have to be signed for or picked up at the post office.

This seems to be the new norm these days and it has been getting worse. I’m reordering the wood now and having it sent again. This has cost us plenty making this first round of kits less than profitable. Lesson learned. We will not let this set us back.

Important Notice to all customers

A notice about our website. SNG Aero. I just checked to see how many people that bought kits actually follow the site by hitting the follow button. None.

We post constant updates about our kit status and products. Nearly everyday. If you follow the site you will get an email about the latest post. This is not spam. It is information about your purchases and more.

I encourage you to follow the site. The follow button is on the right hand side of every page. Click it and you’re done.