New V-2 and Redstone Instructions

  I am working on them but one thing you need to be aware of is the water slide decals need to be fixative such as Testors Decal sealer but they don’t make it anymore. If you have it, use it or use a Krylon Clear coat. I find it works well since Testors stopped making it. Let it for 48 hours after applying two to three coats.  

The rest of the build is pretty simple and if you have ever built a rocket kit or two you’ll have no trouble. Be sure to place one of the eye bolts in the engine mount plywood centering rings and the other on the centering ring you glued to the capsule or nose cone.

As for the plastic fins, flat sand and glue the two halves together. Fill the gaps with your choice of putty and sand. I attached them after I added the body raps. I cut the wrapping material away where you will glue the fins and use white glue or epoxy as I did.

The wraps were placed using 3M 77. I lightly coated the paper wraps lining them up with parallel lines in pencil I placed longitudinally on the body tube. If once wrapped around the ends don’t meet up correctly it’s easy to peel them back and adjust until they do.

It’s easy to see where the fins go based on the bottom base paper wrap. Where the white and black graphic meet I found to be nearly dead on.

The V-2 is an easy build and the same applies to the place of the eye bolts for the shock cord. The boat tail is marked for fin placement. I suggest 1/2 inch soft fiberglass cloth and West Systems Epoxy to strengthen the fins.

The smaller BT80 centering ring goes on the base of the engine mount tube as far down until it meets the inside diameter of the boat tail and the 101 ring goes on top of the boat tail.

To get the contour correct for the fins to the boattail, place some sand paper on the boat tail and lightly sand until you see the fin conform correctly before glueing them on with white glue or epoxy.

If you have been following along as I made these then you would have seen the builds of these models in the SNG Studio updates I post weekly. 

Here are some of them. You’ll need to fast forward through the videos to find the parts where I show the builds.

 This one covers the Redstone build. And how I built the escape tower,

This one covers the V-2 build.