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BT-80 sized Mercury Redstone rocket kit

This is larger than the Estes Redstone and will fly on D to E motors. About 34 inches long with the tower before the spike.

It includes a resin cast capsule with a  window. 😉  Resin cast escape tower parts and doweling to build the escape tower structure. Resin cast scale fins.

 A BT80 body tube. 24 mm engine tube and 3 centering rings. 

The third ring is used to glue to the capsule to attach the two eye hooks that are provided. One for the engine centering ring and the other the capsule. 

Kevlar shock cord. 

Apogee 24 inch nylon chute. Engine clip. Paper wraps for the body and water slide decals for the capsule. And 2 3/16 launch lugs. 

And a piece of clear PETG for that window.

It’s very easy to build and fast because there’s little assembly of the fins, capsule, and body. Wraps speed up things too.

Instrucions will be posted soon.

165.00 includes shipping

Large Sport Scale V-2

This rocket has flown very successfully and I’m taking orders for kits. It’s 33 inches long with a BT101 4 inch diameter body tube. The Nose cone and boat tail are hand cast hollow urethane. Laser Cut lite-ply scale size fins.

The kit includes an Apogee Components 30 inch nylon chute, plywood centering rings, eye bolts, Estes 29mm motor retainer, Kevlar shock cord and 3/16 launch lugs.

This model will fly well on a F-15-4 and will also fly on G and H motors.

165.00 includes shipping

X-15 Grande Short Kit

  As many of you have asked for a short kit of this discontinued large scale X-15 I am now offering one that includes a resin nose cone, vacuum formed canopy, and boat tail. Also provided is a decal sheet you can print on white inkjet paper or you can order them direct from 

These parts along with the provided files and instructions build the model seen below. This model flies on a G motor. Rocksim file is available. Email us for the file.

Instructions,templates files, and materials listing will be on the website.

Price is 40 dallors and includes shipping.

Pictures of the X-15 Grande Build and finished model.

X-15 instructions are located here for the smaller build but are basically the same for the Grande.

The above link will take you to my Google drive for the X-15 Grande Templates. Since we stopped selling the full kit many of the templates were missing. These were traced off my model and will give you the correct size in the PDF scan format so you can cut your own balsa parts. The wing tunnels are in two sections because they were too large to accommodate my scanner. The arrows should meet.

45.00 includes shipping

NEW! 22.5 inch BT-80 V-2 Scale kit


This kit has a scale detailed nose cone and boat tail. The fins are scale detailed and all these parts are resin cast. This will be a simple kit to build with the resin cast parts and a short length of body tube.

Can be flown on D, E, F, and G motors. All the dimensions are the same as our smaller V-2 and Rocksim shows it to be very stable with the scale fins.

The below gallery shows you the parts and some of the simple assembly.  

And here’s the finished first model I built. Instructions are online and I have a Rocksim File I can email you. Just check the menu for the instruction page for this kit.

V-2 resin cast model rocket

Price includes shipping. Does not include a chute. Includes resin tail cone, nose cone, fins, BT-80 tube. 24mm motor mount tube, laser cut plywood centering rings, shock cord, and eye bolts. This model can also be built as a static display model. also includes signed certificate that this kit was made by Steve Neill. Be sure and read about Steve Neill in the about section of this website and see his IMDB page

V-2 Resin Kit

80.00 includes shipping