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Notice. Please read first.

We no longer supply decals. They can be purchased from and are excellent quality and ease of use. We are trying to keep up with the inflation and the rising cost of everything we use to make these kits. Eye bolt are no longer provided but instead additional centering rings are provided to attach the shock cord and chute by drilling and hole through the centering ring and tying through the hole. This is much more secure.

All our products and kits are hand made. We don’t have a 3D printer, laser cutter nor to we have blow molded nose cones. These are all things larger companies use.

At SNG Aero everything is made by our skilled hands. Mary and I put every kit together and pack and ship ourselves. It is a lot of work to do and it takes a lot of time. As a result we make up each kit to order and sometimes we are slammed by a lot of orders. This means it might take a week to two weeks to ship a kit.

It is our hope that over time sales will increase and we’ll be able to get that laser cutter, 3D printer and hire help. And we will have enough stock to ship your kits in a more expedient manor.

Every kit order contributes to these things and every dime we make right now we are putting back into the business so we can bring you new and innovative kts.

Thank you for ordering and thank you for your patience as we start our business.

X-15 BT-60 based

We are taking pre-orders as requested By many if you. Keep in mind Sticker Shock is working up our new decals and we are a week off on getting them. This means the kits will be shipped in 1-2 weeks. Believe me they will be worth the wait.

The kit has been beta built and goes together very easily. The building instructions are online and under construction. Text will be added soon and more building pictures.

The X-15 has a BT60. Resin cast nosecone. Pre Cut balsa wings and tails. Balsa wood for the wing filets. Vinyl decals. Engine mount parts. 18 inch chute with swivel. Shock cord, launch lugs, engine clips and centering rings.

For D-E engines


Our prototype is finished and the kits will be put together starting the week of November 26, 2019. Price includes shipping


X-15 Delta specs

Length 23.5 inches 9.5 inch wing span 3.9oz without motor BT-60 For D-12 to E12-6 motors

Resin cast nose cone with window details Resin cast vortex wing tips. Pre Cut balsa wings. Water slide decal sheet. 18 inch chute with swivel. Shock cord. Motor mount parts. Online photo instructions.

$49.95 + $12 shipping

X-15 Delta

rocket + Shipping


V-23 Specs

Length 18 inches. BT-60 Wing Span 8.25 inches. Weight without motor 5oz. Motors C6-D-12

Includes resin cast detailed nose cone and tail cone. Clear canopy. Pre cut balsa wings and fins. Online photo instructions. 18 inch chute with swivel. Shock cord. Engine mounting parts. Water slide decals. Detailed online photo instructions.

V-23 Rocket $49.95 + $12 shipping

V 23 Rocket

Rocket + shipping


V-2 Specs

15.5 inches long. BT-60 Diameter. 70 grams unloaded. 18mm engines. Balsa fins. Resin cast nose cone and tail cone with scribed details, panel lines and hatches. Tail cone is slotted and filleted to except the balsa fins.. Online photo instructions

18 inch chute. Shock cord. Engine mounting parts.

Be sure to visit our Gallery for more pictures of these  kits.

V-2 Rocket

rocket + shipping


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