Projects under Development

Presently we are working on making the X-15 Delta rocket plane. Videos to come…

X-15 Delta 10-13-19

Tomorrow starts the work of creating the masters for the X-15 Delta. I’ll be creating hard masters of the fuselage and other parts of the rocket plane.

The epoxy glass version of the original kit will be the same size good for D-E motors and for the daring F-G. I think they will fit.

I’m very excited to be making this kit as the X-15 series has always had a spot in my heart since I was a small boy.

SNG Aero Starship

This is our own version of the Starship. The prototype is ready to launch. We hope she flies well and if she does will will be kiting it for E motors. Prototype has a custom hand lathed nose cone, boat tail, fins and a 3 inch body tube. All the parts are molded and cast from Alumilite casting resin.

Xprize Vanguard

About 10 years back I made the capsule for the Dr. Zooch Vanguard. I stumbled over the capsule recently. I was sure what it was for it had been that long. What I have it the master and tomorrow I’ll make a new mold of the master. It is my plan to build the Vanguard.

From what I can tell he never made the kit. I always liked the design and hey! I have the capule molds I made.

Falcon 9 Dragon capsule

Originally both Estes and Spacex had this model. Sadly they were both discontinued. Spacex has the new version with the landing legs. I always loved the first version and plan to bring it back. I will make a new capsule and make it a bit bigger for D-E engines. This model will have recovery for capsule and booster with two chutes. This will have one of our classic resin cast detailed capsules and clear fins.