Resin Cast V-2 instructions

Building this kit is a pretty easy task. I started with the resin cast parts first and sanded them flat and any resin excess off the parts. I also took a Dremel and ground down the inside diameter of the tail cone and nosecone to accommodate the centering rings.

Because these parts are resin cast by hand the walls can vary in how thick they can be. Even them out.

The centering rings are for a BT-80 and won’t fit the resin cast parts so I marked them and took a about 3/32 of an inch off one a sander. I kept doing this until they just fit. Any gaps you might have can be easily filled with epoxy and micro balloons.

I glued the mount together with epoxy and fit inside the tail cone with more epoxy and micro balloons. The motor tube should be flush with the end of the tail cone. I included an engine clip and engine block should you want to use one.

I epoxied the centering ring to the nose cone as well.

First cut the excess off the fins with and Exacto knife and sand smooth to for the tail cone.

The fins are attached to the tail cone with CA. After that I used some 1/2 fiber glass tape and epoxy to secure them well. I then made a fillet over them with either Rocket Epoxy of any good slow cure epoxy and micro balloons. You can just CA them alone and put a epoxy fillet over them but the tape will be stronger.

I used air cure spot putty ti fill in and smooth the blend.

Once all sanded and blended I used primer before painting.

Glue the BT-80 tube to the tail cone. Be sure to attach your shock cord first. Add you launch lugs and paint the model.

If you have any bad parts or need replacements just contact me and I’ll be happy to send you new ones.

I have a Rocksim File for this model. WordPress won’t allow me to post it for security reasons. So send me an email and I’ll send you the file.

She will fly on anything from a D to a G if you use a 29 mm mount there’s room.

Enjoy the build! And the flights!