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Other things we make when not making rockets:

Here you will find items offered from the SNG Studio store related to Star Trek and Steve’s movie career for your collection.

Spock Ears from “Star Trek the Motion Picture”

Steve made Spock’s ears from the 1978 first Star Trek movie. These are castings made from the original molds, signed and mounted in a shadow box.

Spock Ears

includes shipping


Kirk Puppet from “Star Trek The Motion Picture”

Molds made from the original puppet made and used in the scene where Kirk leaves the Enterprise to rescue Spock. Resin cast and finished model.

Kirk Puppet (or Spock)

About 3 foot tall - scale size to original puppet - price includes shipping


Spock Bust

This sculpture was made by Steve. It is cast in resin and bronze painted and weathered. Signed by Steve this depicts Spock as he first appeared on the bridge wearing the ears Steve made.

Spock Bust

price includes shipping


Cochrane statue


This was originally sculpted by Doug Drexler for Star Trek Enterprise and was scene throughout the show in Archer’s ready room. The molds were made from the screen used prop with permission from Doug Drexler.

Cochrane Statue

includes shipping


Outer Limits mask- The Sixth Finger

Steve was friends with both the late Fred Phillips and John Chambers who created this character for David MaCallan for the famous Outer Limits TV show. This is a wearable latex mask. Steve signs all his work.

Outer Limits

includes shipping