Ventura Rocketeers NAR Section # 855

I’d like to invite you all to our new section # 855 for Ventura area. We are currently in the process of opening a local launch site in Ventura. We are looking for a site somewhere between Ventura-Oxnard-Camarillo area. Ventura Rocketeers received the section certificate yesterday and we already have a meeting at the Rotary Club this week and plan after that to contact the City Parks department to get the ball rolling.

This of course will be for LPR maybe up to G motors depending on the site. It’s our mission to get the local youth, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, schools involved with hopes of setting up a local TARC team and more.

It is a hardship for many to drive to Santa Fe and or ROC Lucerne. Having a local site would benefit the local rocket community providing sport flying for the local NAR members as well as engaging the local youth in programs and launches to further their ambitions of aerospace.

The first meeting will be held at my studio in Ventura you can visit the website here and take the video tour of the studio. I think you’ll find it’s an ideal meeting place:

It’s my hope some of you will want to get involved in our efforts and join our section.

Thank you for you time and we hope to meet you at the meeting.

Current member roster

1. Steve Neill NAR # 108000

2. Joseph Creager NAR #106785

3. Carl Rheuban NAR # 107669

4. John Cosic NAR # 88050.

5. Alina Hoffman

6. Mary Cacciapaglia

7. Dr. Chris Landon

8. Ryan Reynolds

9. David Marx

If you’d like to join our section please say so here and we’ll add you.


We are currently seeking a local launch site. We have had good luck working with the city and they support us in our efforts. We are looking at a few different locations near Ventura City that may even be good for some high power rockets.

We will know more next week when we hear back about the new site locations we have found.

We have 8 members on our current list. I had to remove about 5 members from the list because they didn’t respond to the NAR sections group message board or direct emails.

I want to thank John Cosaic, Joseph Creager and the NAR for their donations to our filed equipment. Also Chuck Neff of the NAR for his amazing support and help to get our club started.

Here’s a picture of one of the possible sites(click on the image and then select full image in the bottom right hand corner to enlarge and read the data):

Update 6-8-2020 Still looking for a site

We got our launch system and we have been getting many letters from parents of local youth asking the question. Where to fly? We are working very hard on this and hope to established a local launch site soon.