X-15 instructions

This is a pretty simple build. The BT ends might be a bit rough from my cutter. We are looking to improve this but in the meantime all the BT’s are slightly oversized on all our kits so you can lightly flat sand them.

You can pretty much build this plane in any sequence you want.

The Body Tubes are all pre-marked for fin and wing locations.

Build the two vertical fins from the supplied pre-cut balsa parts.

The first thing to do is build the wing tunnels. These are comprised of several balsa parts and line up and capture the wing as shown in the pictures. Once the 1./16 x 1/2 balsa strips are close over the sandwiched internal balsa parts and glued you can then contour sand the tunnels as shown.

Be sure before you glue the wings and tails in place to shape them to an airfoil shape.

After this is done you can glue the wings and tunnels in place to the body tube.

Next up is to use the 1/32 tunnel skins and starting at the back of the plane lightly tac in place and then line up the forward section at the LE and tac again making sure it aligned properly. You’ll have to bend and hold the front to maintain the contour.

From there trim off the excess and sand to shape. Use thin CA to glue the skin thoroughly to the body tube. I also taped off the wings and tails so I could sand the tunnel to a more scale like shape without score the wings and tails. Later on I balsa filled and sanded again before sealing the wood.

For the motor mount I don’t use engine blocks and the engine tube is long enough to accommodate D-E engines. You’ll need to notch the forward CR for the engine clip to move enough to insert a motor. You can use electrical tape for the retainer in the middle of the engine tube.

You can download this decal sheet and print them on water slide decal paper if you want the extra scale decals or email me for the larger file and I’ll send them to you.